Your email address will not be published. This land is famous for its mines, monasteries, beaches and temples.It is also home to great cuisine. It is made of well-kneaded homemade fresh cheese chenna, sugar, cashew nuts and raisins and is baked for several hours until it turns brown. Chenna poda is a delicious dessert popular in odisha. It is one of the iconic sweets of Odisha, made with fresh chhena. It is an innovative measure to spread knowledge about culture, traditions and practices of different states & UTs. The next day, he was pleasantly surprised to find out what a scrumptious dessert he had created. Food Entertainment Featured. Article Id: google_ad_height = 90; At least that’s how it used to be when we were growing up. Sailashree Vihar, Bhubaneswar, Dist. 0. Chena poda literally translates to roasted … Chhena Poda. Sale! Chhena poda or baked cottage cheese is daily offered to lord Jagannath in puri temple as a prasad. Reward Points: 0 Weight/Volume : 500 Gram Availability: In stock. /* 160x600, created 12/31/07 */ Diwali 2019: 5 Chhena-Based Sweets To Prepare At Home This Festive Season . If you’ve got a fetish for baked delicacies, Chhena Poda will win your heart for sure. Chenna Poda! Khorda Plot No. Home Page; About Us; Our Products; ORDER ONLINE ; Products. After baking, it looks like a cake which is cut into slices and served. Odias staying away from Odisha miss Chehena Poda a lot. Posted by sonalis July 26, 2017. Chenna Poda is the only well known Indian dessert whose flavour is predominantly derived from the caramelization … Ex Tax: Rs.150.00. Sale! Bhubaneswar: ‘Chhena Poda’, the cheese dessert from Odisha, has found a place of pride in ‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’ campaign, aimed at strengthening the unity and integrity of India. Because it's not available in the sweetmeat shops elsewhere, as is the case in Odisha. Chenna Poda! It is daily offered to lord Jaggannath in puri temple as a prasad. I discovered it purely by chance on a recent trip to Odisha and instantly fell in love with it! This is an easy-to-make sweet dish … Victory As Sweet As ‘Chhena Poda’ For Odisha’s Abinas Nayak, Winner Of MasterChef India 6. Burned cheddar) is a cheddar dessert from the Indian territory of Odisha. Shares. I used ricotta cheese and jaggery for my recipe. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Showing all 3 results. Learn how your comment data is processed. Our team memberAditya Kumar Rath asked several questions to the shopkeeper about Chhena Podda and we got to know many things.Things like making of Chhena poda,Price of 100gm,Shop rent and many more things do check the video like and do comment. Chhena Poda - 1 kg quantity. Both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes are a delight. The chhena poda literally means roasted cheese in Odisha. Here are some of the best chhena based desserts you can prepare this Diwali. Chhena Poda - the original Indian cheesecake from Odisha! Reproduction Date: Chhena poda () is a cheese dessert from the state of Odisha in eastern India. Chhena poda and Odisha sweets. It is also served in small traditional roadside stalls and confectioneries throughout the state along with other delicacies such as rasagolla. Chhena poda is usually made at home during traditional festivals in Odisha, such as Durga Puja.